video digitization

We can transfer your VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, MiniDV, and HDV tapes to playable DVD's or to high-quality, digital MP4, MOV, or AVI files.

The cost depends on how long the recording is per tape and whether you prefer digital files or DVD's.

We can also transfer DVD's with no copyright to digital MP4 files.

Transfer Specifications

We convert all tapes (except HDV tapes) to high-quality, Standard Definition, DV-Codec files. The resolution will be 720x480, which is the best possible resolution since the tapes were originally captured in SD. We output MP4 files by default because they are smaller, universal, easy to upload/share, but still fully editable files. We are happy to output AVI's (large PC files best for archival storage and/or extensive editing) or MOV's (large Mac files best for archival storage and/or extensive editing) upon request. HDV tapes will be captured in High Definition at 1080i resolution. You may choose between either MPEG's or MP4's for these so that the resolution can remain in HD. 

If you'd like the tapes converted to playable DVD's we offer those as well. The DVD's we create are playable video DVD's (the kind that play in a regular DVD player or computer). There will be chapter markers every five minutes, but no menu will be included.

We also offer DVD to MP4 file conversion. This is a straightforward process of "ripping" the DVD to a file that can be stored/shared on a computer. We cannot transfer copyrighted DVD's or DVD's that are heavily scratched or unplayable.

We can transfer NTSC and PAL region tapes!

Please visit the Video Prices page to see our transfer and output prices.