audio digitization

We transfer standard audio cassettes, microcassettes, MiniDiscs, and audio DAT's to high-quality audio files, which we can output to playable CD's or as digital WAV or MP3 files.

Post-Transfer Options:

Edited Audio Files

 We will trim each file to within five seconds of the beginning and the end of the recording, normalize the volume levels to be optimal throughout, and apply adjustments such as noise reduction, de-hissing, and de-humming if needed. Please note, we are not specialized audio editors, but we are able to make recordings sound much better with simple adjustments as long as the original recording is in good shape and was recorded well.

Unedited Audio Files

If you are an experienced audio editor and would like to edit the files yourself, this would be the option for you. You will receive untouched audio files directly from the transfer machine with no editing. However, we will still trim each file to within five seconds of the beginning and the end of the recording with this option. 

Three Important Things worth noting:

  1. We transfer all audio to WAV files, but will gladly accommodate MP3, or AIFF upon request.
  2. Regardless of audio media type, you will receive one file per side, tape, or disc. We do not separate tracks because silent areas between songs/recordings are hard to visually distinguish from quiet areas within songs/recordings on a waveform. We can separate tracks upon request, but this service will incur a pro-rated charge of $85 per hour for the additional time it takes. 
  3. If you do not know or specify if your audio cassettes are one-sided or two-sided, we will charge for both sides as we will have to play each side completely through to find out whether there is recording or not and each transfer happens in real time.

Check out the prices for audio transfer and output options here.

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